life, love and big city

Genre: Indo-Kiwi Cross-Cultural Drama
Producer: Dr. Rachel Singh
Tagline: It’s not easy to find your way through Life, Love and the Big City.


Ann works as a marketing manager at a business college. Her boss Gary learns the college financials is in the red and all his hard work is going down the tube. Gary confides in Ann that if things don’t turn around, everyone at the college will lose their jobs. In a desperate attempt to raise student numbers, Ann comes across evidence that someone is deliberately stealing new recruits from the college. Working with Gary and Polly, the trio try to track down the traitor in their midst. Even if they find the traitor, it’s still back to scratch to build the college up again.
Ann meets Monty, a sweet Indian boy who comes from a strict Sikh family. After a few dates, Ann and Monty could have something special. When Monty’s traditional brother Mr Lalli finds out about them, he “banishes” Monty to Fiji to remove him from Western decadence and plots to arrange a marriage for Monty in India. Once Monty returns to New Zealand from Fiji and discovers his brother’s plans, the only way out he can see is cutting off his ties with his brother and asking Ann to marry him.

Ann is in love with this boy but marriage? So soon? When she learns from Monty that the only way his brother will allow him to stay is if Monty married a well-established Indian girl, Ann has a plan to win Mr Lalli’s favour. Theme:

While we like to think of the Big City as places where we can be free to do what we want but the old ways and traditions always follow us. Obstacles like race, culture, class and status can still inhibit us from what our hearts truly want. And that’s what URBAN TURBAN explores, Love running up against race and culture to Dreams being held back and how frustration leads to negative outcomes among people. But if you hold fast, you might just make your way through. URBAN TURBAN also looks at Trust. About how it can be betrayed and how through honesty, it can be redeemed.

URBAN TURBAN is a movie that gives you many different flavours mixed together a cross-cultural stew of Indo-Kiwi urban life.