(Ek Bechara) – Everything is fair in Love & War

Genre: Romantic Thriller
Producer: Dr. Rachel Singh
Tagline: Everything is fair in Love & War!


Two complete strangers, a young man and a young girl wake up in bed together. Neither of them can remember the previous night's events and cannot recollect how they got there in the first place.

NEEL the boy next door finds himself involved with MINI who isn't your average young girl. She’s the daughter of a crime boss. Little did Neel know this was a fatal mistake getting involved with the underworld!

Mini’s ruthless family demands Neel make a honourable woman of their niece or else. But Neel’s heart belongs to someone else! Caught between the devil and the deep sea what is Neel to do?

Pareshaan Parinda filmed in romantic and vibrant Sydney is set to sizzle at a screen near you.