the Dark Side of Revenge

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Producer: Dr. Rachel Singh
Tagline: Seeking revenge and slowly taking away all that is dear to him.


Magua and Mahua a schizophrenic personality after 25 years is seeking revenge. Subjected to brutal physical atrocities in the past by Bobby Khan a bully and now an established criminal, Magua & Mahua plan to execute their revenge by seeking employment in one of Bobby’s businesses, which is used as a front, a cover-up for his criminal activities. Magua plans to destroy Bobby by slowly eating away from within, the very foundations upon which his business is standing. Taking everything that is dear to the criminal Bobby Khan.

Does he succeed masterminding his revenge? Can he really bring back peace between his oppressed self-Mahua and the aggressive Magua? Ek Ka Do Aur Dhoka Ek is a gut wrenching fast paced thriller with many twists and turns, a story that will bend your capacity to comprehend the dark side of revenge.